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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Original Artworks

All artworks are unique, original pieces individually hand-painted by Spangsberg. Each artwork will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, attesting to its originality and uniqueness. The certificate will be signed and dated by the artist.

Furthermore, all artworks will be offered for sale with a professionally crafted oak frame, featuring anti-reflective museum glass. It is important to note that the acquisition of an artwork excludes the option to purchase it without the accompanying frame, and the removal of the artwork from its frame for shipping is not a viable option.


All lithographs will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. 

The series is made in an edition of 50 pieces. 

All lithographs are signed and numbered by Christiane Spangsberg herself.


Original Artworks

To acquire an artwork, please initiate the process by selecting “Request” and send an email including shipping details and title of the desired artwork or artworks.

The sale of all artworks will strictly follow to the “first come, first served” principle, where the chronological order of email receipt establishes the priority for purchasing the requested art piece. In cases where multiple prospective buyers express interest in the same artwork, a buyers list will be compiled to facilitate a structured allocation process.

All payments are subject to a notification period of 5 business days. Please be advised that if the payment is not received within the specified payment terms, we reserve the right to offer the artwork to the next potential buyer on the list. Additionally, it is possibly to submit requests for multiple artworks at the same time.

Shipping is included in the listed price and covers; all handling fees, wooden box packaging, insurance, delivery to curbside, and the provision of all necessary documentation.

For purchases within the European Union (EU), a 5% Value Added Tax (VAT) will be applied to all transactions.

The dispatch of artworks will commence upon receipt of full payment, and inclusive of the applicable VAT..


The lithographs are purchased by adding them to the cart and from there completing the purchase process. 
All information including address, email and telephone number is subsequently used to create freight via DHL. 

If a work is to be refunded, an email must be sent to info@christianespangsberg.com with the reason for this. 
The buyer is responsible for return shipping and a refund can only be made if the work is returned in faultless condition. There is a fourteen-day right of return.

For purchases within the European Union (EU), a 5% Value Added Tax (VAT) will be applied at the checkout.


Original Artworks

Shipping costs are included in the listed price. The shipping encompasses all associated handling charges, wooden box packaging, insurance, delivery to curbside, and the provision of all requisite documentation.

It is important to note that any potential local customs duties or handling fees are excluded and must be payed by the customer.


The lithographs are packed in a cardboard tube and shipped with DHL. International shipping is included in the price however each customer is responsible for any custom and handling fees that may be applied when entering their respected country. 

Should a lithograph be damaged during shipping please take pictures of both cardboard tube and the artwork itself. Send an email to info@christianespangsberg.com with the pictures attached and there will be issued a refund or send a new lithograph should there be any left in stock.