Photo credit Jonas Jacob Svensson


Christiane Spangsberg is an artist aspired by originality and imperfection. Originally Christiane comes from Vejle in Jutland, Denmark, where she was born in 1989, but currently she is resident at Osterbro in Copenhagen.
Drawing has always been a part of her life and her creativity has evolved from simplicity


When asked what art is and means for her, the key word is imperfection; “I believe art is a way of looking into your soul, a way of giving something away that’s a part of you,
a way of expressing yourself through a certain media, but most of all art I believe art is about having the courage to make mistakes and not be like everyone else.” .

As an artist, Christiane’s vision is to be faithful to herself and her art, which is why she is following her intuition about the development of her feeling of art.
This means she is not ruled by outside demands about style - “I always draw to myself, and I think about the fact, that one day when I am no longer around, my drawings hopefully still are – I think that is something very big to consider”.


Since 2016 Christiane has had four sold out solo exhibitions. Two in Sydney, one in New York and the latest one in London.