Photo credit ©  Ditlev Rosing


In 2017-2018 my plan is to have small exhibitions around the world to showcase my newest works to potential collectors and buyers.

Sydney January 2017 sold out in three minutes

NYC June 2017 sold out in twenty minutes


CHRISTIANE SPANGSBERG is an artist aspired by originality and imperfection. Originally Christiane comes from Vejle in Jutland, where she was born in 1989, but currently she is resident at Osterbro in Copenhagen. Drawing has always been a part of her life and she was send to drawing school at a very young age. Back in 2010 she found some drawings of animals made by Picasso, which inspired her to practice the one-line technique. This is how the “faces” came about. More recently she has been inspired by Fauvism, a style which was developed by a loose group of early twentieth-century modern artists among Henri Matisse and André Derain. Although the direction only lasted a few years Christiane seek to get a deeper understanding of the Fauvism style and work. 



  If you’re interested in purchasing my work or have other enquiries please send me an email.

Even if it’s just to say hello. I would love to hear from you.